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7 Aug chrusciki

I will always remember a highlight of family get-togethers being the chrusciki – a Polish cookie – that my grandmother used to bring. Even though everyone in the family called them by a different name – “chirogies,” “chiregies,” never “chrusciki” – these crispy, light cookies were always a hit. Then one year my grandma declared a moratorium on chrusciki, saying they were too much trouble to make. We never had chrusciki again – until this year when I decided to take on the task.

Grandma was right. The process of making chrusciki is involved, including rolling out the dough, cutting the shapes, frying the cookies, and coating them in powdered sugar.

chrusciki dough

I rolled the dough through a pasta machine to get it this thin.

It was an all-morning cookie assembly line, but, in the end, everyone loved the treat.

frying chrusciki

Frying the cookies


Cabernet Caramel Ice Cream

1 Feb cabernet caramel ice cream

I’ve loved ice cream for as long as I can remember and I’ve been obsessed with developing my own flavors since I took a class on the subject in college. For the class, my group developed a winner: vanilla ice cream with a cabernet caramel swirl and fudge pieces. I haven’t been able to get that flavor out of my head ever since, so I’m recreating it in my own kitchen.

Trust me: make the cabernet swirl. It’s so good, even on its own. It tastes like concentrated jam.

Side note: If you’re curious about how much butterfat your homemade ice cream recipe has, use this handy calculator: butterfat calculator (this recipe has 17.6%).

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Dim Sum

20 Jan Pork dumplings

Lately, my wild Saturday nights have included cooking something super delicious that I’ve never made before. This past weekend, I tackled dim sum. The menu included pork dumplings, scallion pancakes, pork buns, and fried rice.

I made more food than five people could handle (75 dumplings and 24 pork buns), so I didn’t even cook the scallion pancakes or serve the fried rice (but that’s what leftovers are for, right?).

Everything was a hit and I can honestly say that I would eat these pork dumplings everyday if I could—and still might!

What’s up for next Saturday? Bacon cupcakes. Stay posted.

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Summer = Crabs

31 Aug Crab dinner

Every year I look forward to summer. It’s not the beach I’m jonesing for, it’s the crabs. Maryland blue crabs! We steam them in Rolling Rock and add a little Old Bay. Mmm. The resulting sauce is also great on capellini.

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