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$1 Pizza Debate

17 Mar pizza

Everyday I walk by restaurants and food stands and I make a mental note to try them the next time I’m out, until the list is eventually too long to tackle without eating out every night of the week. But yesterday, after the Great Pizza Debate appeared, I decided to cross some spots off my foodie wishlist.

I walk by 2 Bros. Pizza every night on my way home, so it’s been on my mind lately. Coincidentally, as the bus pulls into Port Authority every morning, we get a glimpse of 99¢ Fresh Pizza, which has also been on my list to try. I couldn’t have picked a worse night to have a taste test, when every other New Yorker had gotten the idea, but at least I was accomplishing something.

Verdict: I think the overall winner was 99¢ Fresh Pizza. Taste-wise, they had better cheese and more of it. They lost some points on the crust because it wasn’t ultra crispy like 2 Bros. Pizza, but it was thin and tasty. I blame the lack of crispiness on being rushed, because there was such a high demand for slices.

Onto the next foodie debate!