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Old Forge Pizza

5 May Old Forge Pizza

I tend to get obsessed over regional favorites. It’s a little bit about exclusivity and a lot about getting a feel for the culture of a place. Enter Old Forge pizza. It’s a rectangular pizza topped with a creamier cheese and it’s served in Northeastern PA (hence the “Old Forge”part). I used to have this type of pizza a lot because I have two sisters-in-law from that area (I wrecked the streak by marrying a New Yorker). It’s one of my favorite pizzas so I had to make it at home.

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Roasted Red Pepper Chicken

3 Apr chicken in lettuce cups

In my kitchen, tomato sauce—or “gravy,” as my family calls it—isn’t just for pasta. I make bulk batches that I can use to add flavor to chicken or spice up a boring rice side dish. I always have so much on hand, that it appears frequently in dinners. So, I decided to change things up a bit by switching out that same, old gravy with a zingy roased red pepper sauce.

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Italian Wedding Soup

29 Mar Italian wedding soup

As a frugal cook, I love escarole soup. It’s just greens and broth! The entire pot can cost you less than a few dollars. And when you throw a few meatballs in there, you have yourself a delicious Italian wedding soup. I like to make a ton of this soup ahead of time and then freeze individual servings for future lunches.

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Fish Chowder

6 Mar fish chowder

I’m always in the mood for any type of soup or stew. Always! This week, I decided to make fish chowder. What could be better? It’s got vegetables. It’s got fish. And it’s even got wine and cream. Basically, those are all of the ingredients that I need for a happy life.

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Crepe Lasagna

26 Feb Crepe Lasagna

Want to have light and airy lasagna? I usually make these crepes for manicotti and I thought they would serve deliciously as lasagna noodles. And let me tell you, I was right.

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Dim Sum

20 Jan Pork dumplings

Lately, my wild Saturday nights have included cooking something super delicious that I’ve never made before. This past weekend, I tackled dim sum. The menu included pork dumplings, scallion pancakes, pork buns, and fried rice.

I made more food than five people could handle (75 dumplings and 24 pork buns), so I didn’t even cook the scallion pancakes or serve the fried rice (but that’s what leftovers are for, right?).

Everything was a hit and I can honestly say that I would eat these pork dumplings everyday if I could—and still might!

What’s up for next Saturday? Bacon cupcakes. Stay posted.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Ideas

16 Dec Thanksgiving dinner

Did you stuff yourself on Thanksgiving? We had turkey, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and sourdough stuffing (in honor of San Fran).

We experimented a bit and basted the turkey in Arrogant Bastard Ale. The gravy certainly had a punch to it. It tasted like hops. I think next year I would prefer to make gravy through the traditional route.

I, again, made my famous caramel shortbread squares. This time, instead of using straight chocolate for the topping, I used ganache. It made the cookie much smoother (and less healthy, which means it tastes better, right?).