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Easy Caramel Tarts

19 Aug Caramel tart

Since today is my birthday, instead of a cake, I opted to make something a little less traditional to celebrate. I’m obsessed with caramel—I could drink the stuff—so I decided to make a really easy caramel tart. The tarts are small, eliminating the risk of eating 4 slices, and fast to assemble, which meant I didn’t have to slave in the kitchen on a day when I should be relaxing.

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Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

15 Apr strawberry rhubarb pie

I bought all the ingredients to make strawberry rhubarb pie this weekend, but I wasn’t looking forward to rolling out pie dough (even if it was just Betty Crocker mix). I bought some mini graham cracker crusts as a backup.

It just so happens that I was reading Real Simple today and it had a strawberry rhubarb pie recipe. Fate! I had some downtime tonight so I made the recipe in the form of a crisp with oatmeal and brown sugar.

I’ve never made this type of pie before, despite my love of fruit pies, but I impressed myself. It was good!