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Italian Wedding Soup

29 Mar Italian wedding soup

As a frugal cook, I love escarole soup. It’s just greens and broth! The entire pot can cost you less than a few dollars. And when you throw a few meatballs in there, you have yourself a delicious Italian wedding soup. I like to make a ton of this soup ahead of time and then freeze individual servings for future lunches.

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9 Mar st joseph pastry

Last year, I encouraged you to go out and eat a sfinge, but this year, I want you to make your own. St. Joseph’s Day (Mar. 19th) is fast approaching, so I decided to tackle this recipe. It has homemade cannoli cream (which I could eat by the bucket), chocolate chips, and candied fruit. Since sfinges are my all-time favorite dessert, I anxiously await the start of Lent each year – the only time these delicious treats are available at my local bakery. Now that I can personally whip up a batch, there might be trouble. Sfinge Fridays anyone?

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Fish Chowder

6 Mar fish chowder

I’m always in the mood for any type of soup or stew. Always! This week, I decided to make fish chowder. What could be better? It’s got vegetables. It’s got fish. And it’s even got wine and cream. Basically, those are all of the ingredients that I need for a happy life.

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Pie Bites

3 Mar pie bites

I’ve been thinking about Bakerella’s cake balls lately and with the ongoing battle between cake and pie (go Team Pie!), I thought it was pie’s time to become bite-sized and round. So I made pie bites. These are a great treat for pie crust aficionados out there (since there’s more crust than filling). They taste like shortbread with a fruity filling (and covered in chocolate, if you choose).

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Pretzel Dogs

1 Mar pretzel dogs

I’ve been thinking about making pretzels for awhile now. I even mulled over using lye to make them authentic before deciding that I wasn’t willing to risk chemical burns for the sake of a good pretzel. Luckily, you can also use baking soda to get that signature brown pretzel crust. I made some cheesy pretzel dogs this weekend to enjoy during the Oscars. They were a hit!

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