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Salted Caramels

24 Jan caramels

I’m not much of a chocolate fan, so once in awhile, I indulge my sweet tooth with some delicious, chewy caramels. Since caramel isn’t well represented in the candy aisle, I wanted to pay tribute to this classic sweet with a homemade batch.

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Bacon Cupcakes

23 Jan bacon chocolate cupcakes

I’ve been thinking a lot about bacon in desserts lately—I’m developing a breakfast ice cream—so I decided to try my hand at bacon cupcakes. The bacon was sweet, the ganache was smooth, and the bacon caramel in the center was a nice touch.

These are very rich, so beware of making them on an empty stomach!

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Dim Sum

20 Jan Pork dumplings

Lately, my wild Saturday nights have included cooking something super delicious that I’ve never made before. This past weekend, I tackled dim sum. The menu included pork dumplings, scallion pancakes, pork buns, and fried rice.

I made more food than five people could handle (75 dumplings and 24 pork buns), so I didn’t even cook the scallion pancakes or serve the fried rice (but that’s what leftovers are for, right?).

Everything was a hit and I can honestly say that I would eat these pork dumplings everyday if I could—and still might!

What’s up for next Saturday? Bacon cupcakes. Stay posted.

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