St. Joseph’s Day Sfinge

19 Mar

Go out today and eat a sfinge, my friends, because today is March 19th: St. Joseph’s Day! My ancestors are from Foggia in Italy, and my family always follows the tradition of eating at least one sfinge – St. Joseph’s pastry – during Lent. It’s my favorite pastry of all time.

A sfinge is made of pâte à choux, filled with cannoli cream, and usually topped with a cherry and candied orange peel. Get yours now before Easter arrives! I’ve already had one two days ago, but I think I have to have one more.

Get the recipe.


2 Responses to “St. Joseph’s Day Sfinge”

  1. christine porretta March 20, 2010 at 12:41 am #

    Hey, my family celebrates St. Joseph’s day, too, and I’ve made sfinges before, although my family celebrates with zepoles.


  1. Sfinges | So Apparently - March 9, 2011

    […] year, I encouraged you to go out and eat a sfinge, but this year, I want you to make your own. St. Joseph’s Day (Mar. 19th) is fast […]

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