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Christmas Cookies

21 Dec chocolate shortbread cookies

This year I’m only giving away homemade gifts for Christmas. I gave my good friends handmade prints of a photo of the four of us (I had access to my town’s darkroom) and I’m giving the family delicious Christmas cookies.

I have a particularly good basic shortbread recipe so I decided to make three different shortbreads that were jazzed up. I made caramel shortbread squares, shortbread logs, and a whipped cherry cookie recipe. I put them all in nice (and cheap!) tins from Bed Bath & Beyond for presentation.


Roasted Brussels Sprouts

10 Dec roasted brussel sprouts

I just made a big batch of brussels sprouts to eat as part of my lunch (I’m a bit unusual). For some reason, these little morsels have gotten a really bad rap. I think it’s more the idea that turns people off. Generations of parents and grandparents pushing these things onto kids have created a mass movement of fear. Don’t let their reputation keep you away. Roasting them can give them a crunchy outside with a smooth center, often better than roasted potatoes. Sometimes, I pull all the leaves off and roast those, ending up with tons of brussels sprouts chips!

More Vegan Ideas

8 Dec

Speaking of last week’s vegan experiment, my good friend over at Vegan Experimentation has been testing vegan recipes for awhile now. Do you like quiche, mac and cheese, brownies, or delicious stir fries? Head over there and check it out. I think I may be incorporating some vegan recipes into my dinner roundup as well.

On another note, while SW and I were vegan last week, we met with our wedding caterer and made the whole menu vegan! Even though we’ve switched back to vegetarianism, the menu is staying as is. Sweet and spicy bbq tofu anyone? Mmm.

Tofu Tortellini

7 Dec tofu tortellini

Recently, I decided to go vegan for a week just to give it a try, and as a cheese addict, it was a tough week. Instead of giving up my favorite foods, I tried to adapt my recipes to be sans animal products.

I used to make pasta as a kid, but lately, my pasta maker hasn’t seen the light of day. So to make up for lost time, I’ve been churning out tons of homemade pasta. I made ravioli for Thanksgiving and tortellini, linguine, and spaghetti this weekend (a bit much?). The ravioli was before the vegan experiment but the tortellini wasn’t. So that meant I had to nix the eggs and forget the ricotta – hopefully still ending up with something that resembled tortellini. I also had to keep in mind the function of the ingredients, in addition to taste. Those eggs in the pasta dough hold the whole thing together (this is why vegan baking tends to get tricky).

I ended up creating a recipe that was both vegan AND delicious.

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